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Entrepreneurship is a state of mind and the related attitudes can be developed. That's why THE ORANGE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP© methodology has been created: to give consciousness on the importance of using an entrepreneurial mindset every day, in every kind of job. We deliver courses on this topic in schools, universities, incubators, accelerators and companies. Training can be adapted so they can be attended by students, teachers, employees, startupper and aspiring entrepreneurs.

What it is

The Orange of Entrepreneurship© is an experiential and educational course, that intend to rediscover the potential of productive initiative that each of us has: the teachers work with the participants to develop their entrepreneurial mindset through reflection on the importance of the features that over the centuries have distinguished entrepreneurs and training them. It is a journey of introspection, discovery and awareness of the entrepreneurial attitudes and introduces a series of techniques and exercises to train them, providing participants with the tools to strengthen them, at any time in their lives.

Scientific bases

In recent years, cognitive psychologists who have studied the traits that characterize the entrepreneur, from the ability to recognize opportunities to find creative ideas for troubleshooting, argue that the formation of personal ability comes through exogenous factors, namely through a process of external influence. This means that the entrepreneurial mindset is not an innate characteristic, but on the contrary, can be learned and trained.


Training can play an important role not only in providing "knowledge" but also in providing those stimuli to train the attitudes related to proactivity, initiative, courage, taking of responsibility, resilience, motivation, behavioral attitudes that lead to have that special mindset that is able to turn ideas into actions, visions into something real. That is entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship, however, is not only intended as the opening of new companies but as a broader concept related to the behaviours that characterize the entrepreneurial action and that can be learned and adapted to all spheres of life. The European Union defines this concept as "the ability of an individual to turn ideas into action" and includes "creativity, innovation, risk-taking, the ability to plan and manage projects to achieve their goals."

Meet The Team

Journalist, writer, trainer, enthusiast and expert of dynamics related to the development of entrepreneurial culture and mindset. As part of its activities carried out for fifteen years as head of studies of the Biella Chamber of Commerce, she has treated more than thirty socioeconomic monographs, studying, in particular, the behaviour of entrepreneurs. .

She graduated from the University of Pavia, Faculty of Political Science. He currently works with the communications department of the City of Biella, with the Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Ivrea, with the publishing group Tecniche Nuove of Milan, with schools and training institutions.

Carla FiorioFounder, trainer

, journalist, blogger and writer; expert in communication and entrepreneurship; degree in Communication Sciences at the University of Turin. He currently works with the research and communication departments of the Chambers of Commerce of Biella and Vercelli, with the Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Ivrea, with foreign and Italian textile and fashion magazines. He began writing at age 17, he met and interviewed more than a hundred entrepreneurs.

Debora FerreroFounder, trainer

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Entrepreneurship mindset will become more and more important and it will be a capital skill to compete in the job market

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