The orange of entrepreneurshipThe Orange of Entrepreneurship© is a methodology to train the entrepreneurial attitudes, in order to develop a mindset that enables everyone to recognize and to exploit opportunities, to turn ideas into actions.

It can be delivered to

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Start-uppers
  • Potential / established entrepreneurs

who intend to rediscover the potential of productive initiative. The teachers work with the participants to develop their entrepreneurial attitudes through reflection on the importance of the features that over the centuries have distinguished entrepreneurs and training them.

The Orange of Entrepreneurship© is a journey of introspection, discovery and awareness of the entrepreneurial attitudes and introduces a series of techniques and exercises to train them, providing participants with the tools to strengthen them, at any time in their lives.

Why The Orange of Entrepreneurship©? Using a metaphor: the orange slices represent the entrepreneurial attitudes. And just practicing together these skills, you can develop harmoniously the propensity for entrepreneurship, filling each segment in order to generate a rich and “vitaminic” squeeze, to transform dreams and visions into reality.

The The Orange of Entrepreneurship© collaborates also with the Peperosa Visual Design team in order to deliver courses and to carry on personalized mentoring on the following topics:

  • Branding and Storytelling
  • Web Marketing pills
  • Slide Coaching

entrepreneurship orange squeeze