Andrea Meloni 2 Andrea Meloni, entrepreneur, Koodit

Prepared, dynamic and funny. I was lucky to attend some Carla and Debora’s lessons, and I emerged with a multitude of ideas, information and input. Highly recommended for novice entrepreneurs, but also for the most experienced, the course is able to make you analyze daily dynamics from different points of view with unconventional methods!

    piera seiser Daniela GruberPiera Seiser, Daniela Gruber, teachers, Tecnico Buonarroti

Carla and Debora led with great success their courses for teachers and students at the ITT Buonarroti of Trento. Their professionalism and expertise have opened an unexplored world of how to develop the entrepreneurial mindset in the classroom, bringing concrete examples of laboratory activities in order to check this new and capital skill, recommended by the EU.